Blu-ray Review: Goodnight Mommy


Blu-ray Downlow

Blu-ray Cover

Distributor: Starz / Anchor Bay

Release Date: December 01, 2015

Region: Region A

Length: 99 min

Video: 1080P (MPEG-4, AVC)

Main Audio: 5.1 German DTS HD-MA

Subtitles: English, English SDH

Ratio: 2.39:1

Notes: A DVD edition of this title is also available.

Austrian One Sheet

“Nobody saw it in Austria. We didn’t make it thinking it would be a big success, critically acclaimed and so on. We just made a movie that we knew we would like. We never had grand plans of making a movie that would be released in the [United States]. We never expected it, but we are very, very proud that happened. In Austria most people only want to see films from the [United States], so not too many people came to watch Goodnight Mommy. And now the trailer has been such a success on the internet, people are constantly asking us when the film will be released without…

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